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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Exploring Old Marinas in Back Woods Texas Hill Country

WE ARE ON THE HUNT FOR WATER. We've both lived in the Ozarks for many years, and we are accustomed to having large, gorgeous bodies of water all around us. When we lived in Branson, Missouri, we spent much of our time at the Table Rock Lake, kayaking, walking trails, watching boats and exploring marinas and waterfront RV parks. It was the beginning of our dream to someday become full time nomads by land and sea. We love being near lakes, rivers and the ocean! 

When we moved into our 1999 Fleetwood Bounder, we spent several months in Bull Shoals, Arkansas, where the White River and the Bull Shoals Lake meet. And again, we spent much of our time leisurely strolling by the water, kayaking, fishing, swimming and camping by the water.

So, naturally, when we got to San Antonio this year (2021), we were hoping to see our beloved Medina Lake full to the brim. We're looking for the semblance of those lush trees, giant lakes and meandering rivers that we're used to having nearby.  Sadly, Medina is quite low this year, and is all but dried up at the Thousand Trails RV park that we frequent. 

We keep seeing trucks pulling boats when we are out and about in town, and we got the idea to explore the Medina Lake area for a great marina to enjoy this summer. But on this trip, we find something a bit more…. bizarre… 

Watch the video below to see what we found!

Even though there might not be anything here that’s quite like the beautiful Ozarks, there are still plenty of things to see, eat and do here in San Antonio, and we haven't even begun that journey! And to be honest, when we're missing the sights and sounds of the water, there are many Thousand Trails parks next to lakes... and the coast is only a few hours away!


Creamer - Timothy Infinite 
Cyanide Peach - Giants' Nest 
Leaving Serengeti - Ooyy 
Dark Outlands - River Foxcroft 
Comes Around - OTE 
Cabana - [ocean jams] 
The Rooftop - Gregory David



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