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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Pioneer Days in Norfolk, Arkansas

We went on a road trip with Tam's parents to check out the Pioneer Days in Norfolk, Arkansas! This location is home to the famous Jacob Wolf House, which was constructed in 1829 as the first permanent courthouse for Izard County in Arkansas Territory and is the oldest public structure in Arkansas.

From 1819 to 1828, numerous villages of Shawnee and Delaware Indians were located nearby. Trade with these Native American tribes prompted Jacob Wolf to establish his homestead at the mouth of the North Fork River in 1824. In 1825, he was granted a license to operate ferries across both rivers. Wolf, of German ancestry, had arrived in the area in 1820. He was a merchant, builder of log structures, carpenter, and blacksmith. 

For more history about the Jacob Wolf House in Norfolk, Arkansas, visit the link below: https://www.arkansaspreservation.com/Historic-Properties/jacobwolfhouse

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